Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Its been a horrible week here hence the very late post... Deacon came down with a bacterial infection on Saturday and came out with a horrible rash. So the first week of kinder was no first week of kinder... At home we have stayed. My hope is that no one else catches it and we are all set to start next week. Not my first experience of kinder I had envisioned but these things are set to try us hey! 

Deacon | Has been a trooper despite what looks like lots of pain
Maisyn | We started gymnastics today which will be an activity for us when Deacon is at kinder... Always upside down this one
Baylin | Not walking just yet but enjoying his walker

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  1. Oh no! My kids are ok, but Scarlett has had a temp for a couple days, she seems better today although got up at 4am.. Saw Ollie at kinder and he seemed ok...hope Cat's kids don't have something?! Jonty had the first day at kinder and then the other 2 days this week were cancelled due to Total Fire Ban (they shut the kinder on these days cause it's too dangerous up the hill). Luckily Jonty doesn't seem too phased about it this year - same place so he's just carrying on. Hope Deacon picks up the next couple of days! T X