Sunday, January 27, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Deacon | Loved the dinosaur part of the museum - brain went into must see everything overload! 
Maisyn | Peekaboo
Baylin | My little man turned one on Friday and we celebrated with a little party today.. Happy Birthday spunky boy

Joining in with Jodi


  1. Great shots!

    Happy birthday Baylin!


  2. That moustache party looks so much fun! Kellie xx

    1. It was a lovely day Thanks Kellie and lots of fun to decorate and create too! Sam x

  3. Hey! Have been having a good look around your blog and facebook page (finally found I think about 10mins when the kids were occupied!). It all looks great Sam! You are taking beautiful photos with your new camera and your products are looking amazing!
    Good to catch up on Friday...hopefully we can do it again soon!
    Theresa x

    1. Oh thanks Theresa and I hear you with the 10mins part.. Hard to get any time to yourself these days... Hense the late nights!!
      Things have def progressed over the 4 years I've been doing this and very happy at the moment with the way it's all going.
      Friday was great.. Your house is looking amazing and you guys have done such a great job. Hopefully see you soon lovely xxx