Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Doll Cradle for Maisys BDay

For Maisys birthday I wanted to make her a cradle for her dolls that she can keep for years to come.
So I thought Id share with you what I did.
Let me know what you think?!!

Step 1: Purchase cradle off EBay for a bargin $14

Step 2: Spray Paint Cradle - Two Cans of paint from Bunnings!

Step 3: Buy some foam to make the mattress
Step 4: Make a cover for mattress

Step 5: Make a doll pillow
Step 6: Make a doll patchwork blanket
Step 7: Purchase a gorgeous Willow Doll from the lovely Bec at La De Dah Kids
Step 8: Put it all together and presto!! GORGEOUS

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maisy Turns 2!!

I cant believe that my little girl is two!
We celebrated Maisyn's Birthday on Sunday but her actual birthday was Monday 23rd April. What a day it was two years ago when she was showing her stubbornness already and made me wait 4 days past her due but let me get to hospital with 14mins to spare before she greeted us with her presence.

She is a beautiful girl filled with SOOOOO much personality and attitude. She makes me smile so much and gives us happiness everyday. We love you to bits Maisy Moo! xx

Here are some photos from our lovely day on Sunday.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baylins corner of our room

Baylin is 10 weeks now and we have just moved the cot into our room. He is getting too big for the bassinette (moses basket) so i thought it was safer to put him in the cot. He is sharing a room with Deacon so we still want him in our room until he fully sleeps through the night. (currently only waking once!)
I wanted to make his corner of the room something special for him though so I made this cute little bunting and raindrop mobile for him to gaze at. He loves colours and movement so it makes me smile everytime I walk in our room.