Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 days i would love to erase

Wed 27th June was the start of a week and a half i would love to erase from my memory....

it all started with Deacons asthma flaring up with the onset of a cold / virus. He was so sick he had the shakes and all. It breaks my heart to see them so sick especially when they say things like this "i don't like this mummy...i want it to go away" so sad :(
As much as i try to keep the kids separate when sick it is impossible with 3 kids all so little.
So then its was Maisy and lastly Baylin who all picked up the sickness.
The virus came with vomiting, high temps (i mean HIGH like 40.5), coughs, runny noses, not eating... you name it we had it.
It affected Baylin to most and he was vomiting after every feed and i mean i was changing clothes after every feed he was vomiting that much. He was even worse at night as the horrible cough was keeping him up. In that 10days or so if we got 2hrs sleep in a row or 4 hrs a night total we were doing ok.
We had 2am calls to nurse on call and doctors visits ended with just words of your doing a great job but we cant give them anything just keep pushing on.... I guess its the best option but i just wanted sleep and my babies to be better.
Days at home without leaving were the trend and we were just hoping it would end.

So here we are 10 or so days later and all is a million times better. Deacon and Maisy are back to playing, arguing, loving each other and Baylin is happy to play for more than 5mins like the last 10days. (still not sleeping great but i have had 4hrs in a row now!)
It has been extremely hard but thanks to my husband we made it through. It defiantly has taught me a few lesions though.

1. Enjoy healthy happy kids as much as you can as it can change in a heartbeat.
2. My crazy busy life before the sickness was nothing compared to the sickness and non sleep
3. Work is defiantly taking a back seat as family is way more important
4. I take WAY too much on with the word NO not in my language and that is defiantly something i need to change
5. 3 kids under 4 is way harder than i thought and i need better time management

I finish by sharing some photos of the last few weeks with you (pre and post sickness!)

I hope you have all been well and not suffered this horrible virus too :)

p.s i apologise to people who have been waiting on emails etc... i will try and get back on track this week

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