Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Baylin is 4mths old now and i have slowly been increasing my work load. I have also booked in for my first market back - Bendigo - on the 16th June.
I am however finding it harder than I thought at present to get things done with three kids! Yes i know i have 3 kids so that's hard enough as it is but i think i put high expectations on myself to do more!
Baylin is a great baby but doesn't sleep heaps during the day and does enjoy alot of attention.
It is really hard to get that balance between frustration of no work and Sam your a mum first and forget work!
I'm sure ill work it out but in the meantime - Sleep who needs it!! Late nights it is for me :)

I did manage however recently to make a blanket for Deacons bed.

Firstly I found a retro tablecloth from Felix - an antique shop in Dromana. I then found a vintage blanket from The Vintage Shed in Tyabb. Added a few fabrics I love and there you have it! I love it and so does Deacon!

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